Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Laugh of the Day....Reality Show Love?

While scrolling through the internet for information on reality dating shows, I came across websites of disappointed girls that were rejected from the dating show they casted for.

Really? People actually believe that they are going to appear on a reality TV show and find their TRUE LOVE of which they can have a lasting relationship? I even wrote about some love advice taken from watching a particular reality dating show, for the Love of Ray J. Take a look at it and post some comments on what you though. Dating advice taken from watching Danger on for the Love of Ray J.

Sure works doesn't it? Just ask Brett Michaels...How many reality dating shows is he on now? I mean on the Rock of Love Bus on continuation from the Rock of Love 1 and 2. So is third time the charm? I mean he did come out with a proposal ring in hopes that it will lead to an engagement. I haven't searched the gossip news yet to find out how its all working out for him and his Penthouse Playmate of they Year model.

And then what about Flavor Flav? I mean the poor guy feel in love with Bridgette Nielsen on The Surreal Life and she broke his heart. Don't get me wrong the latest tabloid reports stated that they still remain friends. But he had how many Flavor of Loves? I don't even know if he is still with the last one he chose? Anyone?

I mean think about it. On another Surreal Life you had that Brady Bunch guy and the Next Top Model Chick! They even had their own Reality TV show for a little while. I can't think of the name of it. I think they are still together but My Fair Brady was looking like it might be a little rough.

Has reality TV showed us that there is no happily ever after? Or is fighting for someone's love on national TV just not meant to be? I mean didn't something recently just happen on The Bachelor where he chose one girl but later said that he chose the wrong girl?